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Social Media Marketing Tactics that will Boost your Conversions this Year

Social Media Marketing Tactics that will Boost your Conversions this Year

Whether you are a B2B or a B2C company, ‘Social Media Marketing’ is something that can either make or break your business. Engaging a pool of audiences over social media that slowly builds trust with your business can fuel sales up and is the core of modern digital marketing.

Experts at the best Social Media Marketing Agency and SEO Company Brisbane help you interpret social analytics and introduce your business to trending and advanced social media tactics to amp up your business profits in no time. Here are some time-tested and proven Social Media Tactics that will boost up your conversions this year:

Understanding Social Analytics

Analyzing the Social performance on different channels can be time consuming and will require an expert approach to gather the correct information. Since Analytics are a proof and  blueprint of your ROI, they have become the lifeline of social media marketing. Social Analytics helps you to determine which trends works best for your business and thus, can mark the future agenda of your business. Hiring SEO and SMO experts who have an expert understanding of the latest social media trends for your business niche will bring more audiences to your business, quickly and organically.

Creating Content

Creating compelling content is what makes you different from your competitors. For making the best content, make sure you curate it regularly and tune it up with the interests of people. Also remember that human emotions are the best trump cards that have taken many small businesses to multi-national levels. Look for what people are wanting, identify the problems and hit the bull’s eye just before your competitors start drawing all the attention. Adding Humor and Humanity (with compelling graphics) to your social media post content are two of the trending and strategic ways to immediately grab some attention.

While making the content for your social media, stress on the headline and the first sentence of your post. Videos, Infographics and Live Sessions are some of the top ways to grab eyes of your potential leads instantly.

Repeat and Share

For a successful social media strategy, it’s not necessary that you make thousands of posts. In fact, it’s just one epic content that can break the internet within 24 hours. In fact, statistics show that you can actually get 36% more views by sharing the same content repeatedly on different sites/platforms/pages. If you own a business/ store blog, create unique and quality content that you can repeat and share on social media platforms from time to time.

Press the Share button of the post as much as possible. Some of the best places to share your posts are: Facebook Groups of common interests, through Messages, Friend lists (including personal friends of your company employees), Facebook Pages, in the Comments field of popular pages, Social Bookmarking sites and more.

Using the Right Hashtags

Hashtags are the heart and soul of social media that can bring your business in the limelight if you play with it intelligently. Hashtags play prime role in trending a post on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Here’s some Research About Hashtags:

  • Tweets with Hashtags receive 2X views compared to those without Hashtags.
  • Using unique and compelling hashtags can make a post go viral.
  • Tweets with 1 or 2 unique hashtags receive 21% more views than those with more than 3 hashtags (with a 17% drop rate).

Responding to Messages and Comments

Even if you receive just one comment on your post to start with, do not waste time to give an humble reply to it immediately. Being ‘Social’ is the key to rule the social media world. Also, there’s a rising trend of sending standalone messages with graphics on platforms such as Instagram, which you can use very effectively use to boost your sales and bring lead conversions.

Join Forums and Groups

If you are a new business, its highly likely that there are tons of competitors who already have thousands of subscribers. The best way to make people like your business page without investing a single penny is by posting your content on relevant forums and groups. Join such groups where you are likely to find people with similar interests and who are likely to buy/ hire your product/ services in the future. Be live on search forums, interact with people, comment on other posts with your business account, give your opinions and let people know that you are a master in your forte.

Host Live Sessions

People like to personally see who they are dealing with. Your brand is recognized by ‘you’ and what ‘you believe in’. Therefore, the best way to pump up your business is by holding frequent live sessions and having one-on-ones with your potential customers or page subscribers. This helps to build trust and make you a social media influencer. Once people start believing you, your conversions are cent percent going to soar high-up on the charts, sooner or later. You can also hold Q&A sessions, initiate contests, conduct surveys, host chats for better engagement and thus, boost your conversion rates.

If you aren’t getting the estimated and forecasted results on Social Media Pages, it’s time to reach out to professionals or social media marketing agency who can take your business to an all new level.

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