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How Google My Business Can Benefit Small Businesses?

How Google My Business Can Benefit Small Businesses?

Google My Business for small businesses is rather an indispensable tool to quickly promote and popularize your business on the web and in your local community. Today, millions of business owners across the globe rely on Google My Business to outreach and acquire new customers. Here are some of the unquestionable benefits of claiming your business with Google My Business:

  1. Getting Popular Locally

According to Google, every 1 in 5 searches on the internet demands for local listings. So, if you are a small business and wanting to establish yourself locally, then Google My Business can help to grow your business faster. Local results on Google are based on IP addresses, and are manifolds effective for mobile based searches that track your customer’s location and send suggestions on the go.

  1. Showcasing the Visuals

What matters to small businesses is the fact that how well you can stand unique with respect to the businesses in the same forte. Google My Business’s association with Google Photos and Google+ accounts can help your customers know how your business looks like. For example, if you own a restaurant, then pictures of the ambiance, theme and the food being served at your place would get you 90% more customers than anything else on this planet!

  1. Easier Organization and Management

If you have already claimed your business on Google+ or Google Maps, you would, by default, have a Google My Business Account. Google My Business helps in easier organization and management of contents and news that you intend to inform your customers with. You can also associate your Google My Business account with AdWords Campaign, Google+, Google Maps, Hangouts and more and interact directly with your customers.

If you need to update any information about your business, then you can edit and do it at one click with your Google My Business account. With this, you would also have access to important data such as total searches, direct searches, discovery searches, map views, website actions, total actions, direction actions and phone call actions.

  1. SEO friendly

Google My Business also helps in tracking the number of people that search your business. Google My Business showcases the number of views of your place on the dashboard, every time you log in to your account. It is keyword friendly and helps you decide which keywords to choose for your content to make it more SEO friendly.

  1. Extending Customer Relations

Did someone like your service or business? Ask them to give a review for your business and help your business rank higher on the local search results. Local searchers look out for genuine user reviews more than anything else before they plan to visit a place. The more the number of returning customers, the more you seek trust for your business. You can even ask your customers to share your business’s Google My Business page on the web through other social media platforms.

Instead of spending on those millions of costly ad campaigns, distributing pamphlets or perhaps putting up a hoarding, it would be undoubtedly a much wiser idea to brag about your business and get local fan followings with your Google My Business account – it is absolutely free, can get you higher reach and it is very easy to use.

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